The Casper Police Department on Wednesday announced that 40 bicycles recovered by police will be made available for donation.

"Lost, stolen, seized and otherwise recovered bicycles in Casper oftentimes fall into the hands of the Casper Police Department," CPD said in a news release. "After making multiple efforts to find the rightful owners over a period of time, the department has the ability to donate the bikes back to the community."

Roughly 40 bicycles are available for donation and the application period closes on November 18. After that, a department committee will review the applications and select organizations to receive the bicycles at the end of the year.

Casper Police Department Public Information Officer Rebekah Ladd said the agency's goal is to get the bikes to new owners by Christmas.

The bikes will be donated in an "as is" condition and may take a little work before they are ready to ride.

According to CPD, after bicycles are taken into evidence, property and evidence technicians cross-reference them against bikes that have been stolen in the area. If there's a match, the department gets it back to its rightful owner.

If efforts to get the bike back to its owner aren't successful, they are made available for donation.

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