The Casper Police Department is launching an educational safety campaign to inform the community about the updated City of Casper Parking Manual.

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That's according to a news release put out by the CPD, who announced that in May of 2021, the Casper City Council approved an updated version of the City of Casper Parking Manual. The manual consists of the many rules and regulations for parking within the City of Casper, and the CPD encourages all citizens to at least familiarize themselves with it.

“Choosing to follow these important regulations helps keep our entire community safe,” said Casper Police Traffic Sergeant Jeff Bullard. “When we all work together we can make our roadways and sidewalks safer for all citizens and visitors to our city. Parking regulations play a crucial role in increasing visibility for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. That directly affects the number and severity of crashes in our community.”

The updated manual covers many topics, including vehicles parked on a parkway. According to the manual, a parkway is an area of land located between the back of the street curb and the property line, including the landscaping located therein. Within Casper city limits, parking on the parkway is not permitted.

Keeping parkways and sidewalks free and clear increases the safety of both motorists on the roadways and pedestrians using the sidewalk. Vehicles parked on the parkway are a major safety concern for other motorists, the manual emphasizes. They severely impede the direct and peripheral vision of motorists. This increases the risk of a traffic crash with oncoming traffic.

Similarly ,a vehicle that is parked on a parkway is also at a much higher risk of being involved in a traffic crash, as opposed to a vehicle that is parked in a driveway or garage.

The manual states that vehicles parked on a parkway force pedestrians, including children and bicyclists, onto private property or, worse, into oncoming traffic in the street.

The release notes that in 2017, the Casper City Council directed the Casper Police Department to pause parking on the parkway enforcement while the ordinance was evaluated and updated. With the passing of the updated City of Casper Parking Manual, City Council has directed the CPD to begin enforcement of this ordinance "to increase the overall safety of our entire community."

To educate the community and enforce this new ordinance, the Casper Police Department has launched an educational safety campaign surrounding the updated parking manual. As part of the campaign, residences with vehicles in violation of the parking on the parkway ordinances will begin receiving written notices. The CPD encourages all citizens to review the parking manual and take necessary steps as soon as possible to comply with the updated rules and regulations.

The CPD notes that citations will start to be issued to vehicles parked illegally, following a period of educational efforts.

Parking on the parkway permits are available to citizens residing in areas of 12th and 13 Streets in Casper.

Visit to read the full manual. If you qualify for a permit, you can call the City of Casper Engineering Department at 307-235-8341.


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