Seven Casper businesses have been the victim of receiving counterfeit money.

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That's according to the Casper Police Department, who sent out a release early Tuesday detailing the occurrences.

"Over the last two weeks, Casper Police Detectives have discovered counterfeit money used at seven local businesses. In these particular instances, the suspects made purchases of less than twenty dollars and paid with a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill."

According to the release, Detectives believe the suspects from whom the counterfeit money originated are traveling and using the fake bills. But, Detectives said, there are several unaccounted counterfeit bills circulating in the community as well.

The release noted that when asked, many of the retailers who received the counterfeit bills did not realize they needed to notify law enforcement.

The CPD stated that anybody who receives counterfeit money should contact authorities immediately.

"Quickly learning about new occurrences of counterfeit money usage in our community, and getting the counterfeit bills out of circulation greatly assists detectives in their investigative efforts," the release stated. "This also helps protect the entire community from becoming further victimized by these counterfeit bills."

If you happen to come across or receive counterfeit currency in Casper, CPD asks that you call Casper Police Detective Patrick at 307-235-8278.

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