Reville Rotary is one of several Rotary groups located in Casper, Wyoming.

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Reveille Rotary of Casper is involved in a wide range of local service projects, with an extra effort to assist seniors in the community.

As part of their monthly meetings, they often ask guests from the community to come and share their stories or educate them about that particular person's job or role in our city.

This week they invited the Casper Police Department to be their guests.

The CPD spent time teaching them about how they use their K9's to find drugs.

The second part of the presentation involved Albon Shaw (he's the club's assistant governor) putting on a padded suit and allowing Banjo to take him down.

As you can see in the video, Banjo is VERY good at what he does.

When I asked Albon how it felt to be taken down by Banjo he responded,

I couldn’t even imagine how painful [being attacked without the suit] would be! When he grabbed my arm there at the end it kinda hurt through that super tough and thick suit. There would be no way I would run from one of those dogs in real life!

Officer Baedke is Banjo's Handler and you can see by how quickly Banjo responded to his cues that the two of them are definitely a dynamic duo.

And this is the perfect time to remind you NOT to run from them.

After watching the video and hearing Albon talk about how even with the suit on it wasn't entirely a painless experience, I couldn't help but wonder if I would be willing to try this out...

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think I would.

How about you?

Would you let Banjo come after you?

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