A friendly competition can be just the thing to get the blood going, so to speak.

On Thursday, June 30th, the fourth annual Guns and Hoses Blood Drive, was held at United Blood Services in Casper.

It’s a competition between the Casper Police Department and Casper Fire EMS to see who can get the most number of donors in for the day, and donors didn’t have to be employed by either team to participate.

They just had to choose which side to support.

Justin Irish with United Blood Services says the competition is fun, but it is not always needed to try to draw in donors.

"The blood life, the shelf life of a blood product that we collect, is only good for 42 days, that's why we are constantly needing donors to donate on a regular basis. If these events get them in here and it keeps them coming back every two or three months, that's what we want to see."

In the end, the Police Department won the competition 13-to-eight.

As a result, Fire Chief Kenneth King ended up taking a dip in a dunk tank.

The competition between the Police and Fire Departments is now tied at two wins each.