Every now and then you see something that is so you unique, you just have to share. That is definitely the case with these cute little handmade F-Bombs.

My friend, Alicia M. Romero, shared this photo on her Facebook page along with a caption that read:

Thanks to Theresa I officially have “APPROPRIATE” F bombs I can throw at my kids!!! Lmao

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These cute little crocheted F-Bombs are made by an Oregon women named, Monica Conley, who owns and runs Pink Pine Co., a crochet and blog website. While the F-bombs are by far my favorite item she makes, they are definitely not the only thing. She has everything from clothing and accessories, to tooth fairy pillows and stuffed animals.

The F-bombs are awesome mainly because of the irony. I guarantee if you have even one of these somewhere visible in the home, it will definitely be conversation starter with guests. Also, the fact that they're soft, makes them great (and safe) as projectile weapons for children and pets.

In addition to her website, you can also check out more of Monica's work via her social media accounts:

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