Casper once again showed how much we really love our local tattoo artists. This year there was close to 1600 individual votes!

This year's winner is the reigning champion from last year, Pnut, who pulled out the number one spot with 384 votes. The top five was an intense battle though, with literally one vote separating 4th and 5th place.

Here are your top 5:

  1. Pnut - 384 Votes
  2. Jarred Campos - 290 votes
  3. Ryan Tinnelli - 127 votes 
  4. Airian Demos - 94 votes
  5. Terrance Griffitts - 93 votes

Big props to all of the awesome tattoo artist here in the 307 for doing great work. You all leave us with lasting memories that we carry on our bodies forever! For that, we can never thank you enough.

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