If you recently bought a WyoLotto Cowboy Draw ticket in Casper, it is definitely time to check those numbers. There is a new jackpot winner and someone is now $942,466 richer!

The official Wyoming Lottery Facebook page shared a graphic along with the caption that read:

Yeeee hawww we’ve got ourselves a Cowboy Draw jackpot win!! If you bought a ticket at the Loaf N’Jug in Casper then go ahead and check those numbers now!


Here are the winners from across the state:

  • 1 - Jackpot winner | matched 5 numbers
  • 9 - $1000 winners | matched 4 numbers
  • 348 - $20 winners | matched 3 numbers
  • 4002 - $5 winners | matched 2 numbers

The winning numbers from Thursday's drawings were: 6, 11, 28, 34 and 37.

The next drawing is Monday, February 8th, 2021, at 2:00 pm. The jackpot has now been set back to $250,000.

The WyoLotto also recently released their free app, where you can also check winning numbers and the latest lottery news.

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