Traffic in Casper has its ups and downs. For the most part, we don't have any major traffic issues and can get from A to B fairly quickly. There are however certain intersections that can make your commute less than pleasant, especially if you are trying to turn left.

#1 - Poplar and 13th St.

If you are ever driving southbound on Poplar during peak traffic times, you have surely noticed that making a left turn onto 13th is nearly impossible. You will almost always have to wait until the light changes and make your turn quickly.  This also backs up traffic traveling in the left lane considerably - sometimes all the way back to Collins.

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#2 - 1st St. & Center St.

No matter which direction you are traveling, this intersection typically does not allow for many left turns during a green light. There are no green arrows to guide you though this intersection so turning becomes a bit dicey at times.

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#3 - Center St. & 2nd St.

If you are traveling on Center St. and need to make a left onto 2nd St., you will may be waiting a while. Traffic downtown is already congested so your best bet may be to find a route that requires more right turns rather than left turns.

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#4 - Wyoming BLVD & CY Ave. (Southbound)

This one bums me out. If you are traveling southbound on Wyoming BLVD and need to turn left onto CY, you may be waiting through a few lights if there are cars ahead of you. Although there is a turn light here, it only stays on long enough for two (maybe three) cars to pass through. The northbound traffic gets two left turn lanes to send travelers toward Paradise Valley and the light stays on considerably longer to allow as many cars to pass through as possible. This is not the case for southbound travelers. (From my experience anyways)

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#5 - 15th St. & McKinley St.

When traffic is light, this one is not that bad. Trying to turn left here before or after work is a different story. I pretty much avoid this intersection when I can.

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WATCH: How To Use A Double Turn Lane in Casper

(Some people still don't get how this works)