If you've ever forgotten a login password or had to create a new online account for literally anything, then this video will really hit home.

English comedian, Stevie Martin, recently posted a hilarious video via her official Twitter account that 100% nails how difficult is to confirm you're not a robot online. Whether you're trying to buy products from a new website or trying to send a file (which seems to be a lot more difficult to do for our cohorts across the ocean), this is pretty much what you're in for.

Stevie's video has already been viewed over 4.4 million times, retweeted over 50,000 times, quoted over 10,000 times and liked almost 190,000 times since Sunday (November 29th, 2020). Apparently this video is very relatable.

Whether it was the part about entering in captchas or those equally annoying "check all the boxes with a certain type of object", all these verification processes are a pain in the rear. Props to Stevie for figuring out a way to turn the frustration into laughter.

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