There is nothing funnier than watching animals behave like humans and this might be the best depiction of it ever.

Former NBA star, Rex Chapman shared a video (shown below) to his offical Twitter account of two dogs sitting on a couch, one with it's arm (leg?) around the other. The pair are just chilling on the couch watching television. When their owner comes home, one dog quickly jumps up and using the remote, turns off the television.

This is by far the most human acting pets I've ever had the joy of witnessing. The dogs must not have known their date night was being recorded by the security camera, but their reaction is priceless. Who knew that dogs also liked to "Netflix and chill"?

But wait... there's more! After doing a little more research, I found a slightly longer version of the video (shown below), where the dogs grab a mop, remove the handle, clean the floor in the most original way possible and then grab their water bowl to make it look like they had just been doing "doggie-type" activities the entire day.

I was in complete amazement watching this. Even if it was scripted and planned out, that shows how smart and talented these canines truly are. If it wasn't scripted, we should be careful, because they might be taking over the planet soon.

It's also worth noting, that a very keen-eyed person said in the comments, the dogs are actually watching a movie or television show about huskies, which is the type of breed that they are!

Okay, I'm officially impressed now... and also maybe a little bit afraid.

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