Chloë Grace Moretz, who will star in the upcoming film Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising alongside Selena Gomez, stopped by BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw yesterday (January 21) for an interview filled with banter and antics. Her attempt to sing Paramore's "Still Into You," accompanied by Grimshaw himself, is a standout.

Fair warning: it's precious, but it proves Moretz is much better suited for acting! Listen to their hysterical karaoke below, around the 1:15 mark.

"I love Paramore to death," Moretz asserts. "She [Hayley Williams] has a very difficult voice to sing along with, just gonna throw it out there!" She then dedicates their unexpected duet to Sony Pictures.

Moretz also discusses her role in the YA sci-fi adaptation The 5th Wave, which hit theaters today (January 22). She plays main character Cassie Sullivan, who struggles to save her younger brother Sammy as the fifth wave of violent alien attacks scourges the Earth. Moretz described the movie as "a little sad, but it's great and fun, too."

"It's definitely a movie you want to see on the big screen," she adds.

"We lose 99% of humanity within the first 15 minutes of the movie," Moretz says of the film's darker elements. "It's not the most lighthearted affair, but there is some comedic elements. A boy does bathe in a lake with no shirt on. That's kind of comedic!"

Listen to the full interview over on BBC Radio 1's website — and look for Moretz in The 5th Wave in theaters now.

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