Chloe Grace Moretz, of Kick-Ass and Neighbors 2 fame, grabbed headlines earlier this month when the young actress publicly lambasted Kim Kardashian's now-infamous nude selfie on Twitter. During a March 14 interview with Elle the following week, the 19-year-old starlet stood by her comments and defended her perspective, telling the magazine that people shouldn't "be afraid to speak [their] mind."

In a new Complex cover story, Moretz follows her own advice (somewhat more trepidatiously) by throwing the slightest of shade at another massive, if more traditionally-talented, star: Taylor Swift.

In the interview, Moretz reveals by subtext the actress's overall perception of the pop princess's whole squad spiel. She says when it comes to the idea of squads, they're no better than high-school cliques:

You might be able to guess that Moretz is a self-professed feminist, but she’s one who wants to rally for equality, rather than the ascension of women over men. “No. It’s about equality—and it’s not just about women being powerful,” she says. “It’s about races being powerful; genders being powerful.” Moretz has also taken a strong “anti-squad” stand in an era where building a squad seems to be part of being a celebrity. “They appropriate exclusivity. They’re cliques!” she says with exasperation, as if she’s the only one seeing the jig. Right now she might as well be yelling, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

In addition, when asked if Swift had ever actually asked her to join her squad (of which their mutual friend Selena Gomez is a member), the actress gets somewhat more cagey while confirming that yes, she does know Swift and yes, she did receive an invite to join Swift's squad:

Since Moretz is friends with Selena Gomez, who in turn is friends with Taylor Swift, the person who more or less brought squadism to the mainstream, I have to ask: “Do you know Taylor Swift?”


“Yes,” she says, already aware of where I’m going with this.


“Did she, you know, ask you to join her squad?”


“Yes,” she repeats carefully, nothing more.

Intrigued, curious, and desparate for clarification/to get the viral scoop, the interviewer presses on: "And...?" It is here where Moretz, as subtle and publicity-trained as ever, seems to unveil her true feelings without actually saying much at all:

At this point I’ve forced celebrity Chloë Grace Moretz and 19-year-old Chloë Grace Moretz to collide. She seems to want to say a lot of things—perhaps about the “Bad Blood” singer—but already knows the repercussions of those things becoming public. I can practically feel her urge to unleash bubbling and rising to the top of her throat. Just then a smile spreads across her moon-shaped face, the padlock that keeps whatever’s in her mind just right there, and she says, measuredly, “She’s a very talented person.” “You can talk to me about these things, you know,” I say back. “You know I can’t!” she laughs.

Considering Moretz confirms that she was indeed asked to join Swift's squad, yet wasn't in the "Bad Blood" music video, it's not difficult to read between the lines here: Regardless of how "talented" a person Swift may be, it looks like the actress decided to RSVP "won't be able to make it" on that particular invitation.

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