Redheads? Return to sender. Gingers? Just walk on by. The upcoming, live-action Little Mermaid will feature a bouncing blonde as its hero, reinforcing a sense of inferiority understood by anyone whose hair couldn't be confused for straw.

Chloe Grace Moretz, who's been cast as lead sea creature, gave Entertainment Tonight some early dirt on the project, and admitted there's no hair-dyeing in her immediate future.

"No! I want red hair, [but] we're going off of the Hans Christian Andersen, so I'll actually have blond hair," she says in the clip above, to the horror of everyone who championed the cartoonified Ariel's fiery locks in 1989.

Still, there's reason to remain interested: Moretz said the film will take the existing story—often criticized for its reliance on a male savior—and make it a little more powerful to young, do-it-themselves girls.

"A modern revisionist tale is kind of what we're going after—making it progressive for young women," she said.

But who said a powerful, able woman can't squeal like a little girl when she gets good news?

"I remember when I got the call I rolled all my windows down in the car with my brother and we both screamed, we're like 'We're the mermaid!'" she recalls. "It was a very exciting moment. It was like childhood."

What do you think of the choice to give Ariel a lighter hairdo? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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