Kim Kardashian made headlines early March 7, when she posted a throwback photo of herself, where she stood naked in her bathroom. But whatever, right? She looked good, she felt confident, so she posted the photo online for the rest of the Internet to appreciate right along with her. Well, it looks like not everyone agrees with Kim's decision to post a naked selfie on Instagram.

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz tweeted the reality star hours after the photo initially made its way online, imploring Kim to use her enormous celebrity platform to teach women that they have more to offer the world than their bodies.

After drawing mixed responses from followers and Kim fans, Chloe elaborated on her comments on March 8.

Moretz also retweeted Bette Midler, who commented on Kim's nude selfie, too:

Kim posted this to Twitter shortly after Moretz's response:

Seemingly unfazed by the perpetual criticism, Kim also clarified that the photo she posted is from a year ago — apparently necessary as numerous outlets have reported that the picture is recent, despite the fact that Kim hasn’t sported a blonde bob in a year.

She wrote, "I'm flattered some of u guys thought my post earlier was a recent pic! That was my blonde moment a year ago & 25lbs less! #MondayMotivation."

Then, taking a page from her husband Kanye West's book, she tweeted jabs at Chloe, Bette and news presenter Piers Morgan, and threw in a brag about how rich she is for good measure.

Perhaps to further show she's unhindered by others' disapproval ("look how much I don't care! LOOK!"), Kim posted a second selfie on March 8. This one looks professionally photographed and — judging by her hair — possibly more recent.

Do you, like Chloe Grace Moretz, feel a certain way about Kim's nude selfie? Is it critical? And if the answer's yes, we have one more question: Can you let her live?

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