The City of Casper has hired four private contractors to help clear snow from residential neighborhoods, according to a prepared statement from the city manager's office.

The city is still digging out from the record storm that buried the city under two feet of snow, shut down roads, closed schools and businesses.

“The contractors will work from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. beginning tomorrow to assist us in clearing the snow from residential areas,” Streets and Traffic Manager Shad Rodgers said.

The prepared statement did not identify the contractors.

The contractors will bring in heavy equipment in neighborhoods, and that will require extra caution and courtesy from residents, Rodgers said.

“We know this heavy equipment is going to make it a tight fit in residential areas," he said. "If residents are able to move their vehicles parked on the street, that will be a big help.

The city's snow removal crews continue to work 24-hour shifts.

“In addition to now cautioning about the heavy equipment on residential streets, we are still cautioning about your vehicle clearance and traction in relation to your chances of becoming stranded," Rodgers said.

Residents should call 911 if they have an emergency, he said.

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