The national chain pet store, Petco, has a famous leashed pet in the store rule. One man decided to put that rule to the test with one of the largest animals I've ever seen.

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The official NBC Montana Facebook page recently (August 6th, 2021) shared the video of this awesome test, along with a caption that read:

BIG PET! This big fella has his own Facebook page and can be walked on a leash! They decided to see if Petco would really allow any pet on a leash through their doors and the response was flawless.

After doing my due diligence, I found out the video footage isn't new. Although it's going viral once again on social media thanks in part by the share from NBC Montana, it was initially posted back on March 18th, 2019 and it took place at a Petco location in Humble, Texas. Vincent Brown is the owner of the then 15-year old, 1600-pound, African Watusi steer named Oliver. The steer is so famous, he even has his own Facebook page (which you can visit here).

Although this didn't take place in Wyoming, now I'm super curious to know if anyone has ever attempted a similar feat locally. I've seen horses ridden up to several Cowboy State drive-thru windows (fast food, liquor stores, etc.), but never the Casper Petco.

If anyone has a semi-large to large, tame animal they'd be willing to test leash rule on, please let us know! After all, we can't let Texas out-cowboy us.

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