Kanye West put Wyoming on the map in way no musical artist has ever done before. For the early portion of 2018, Wyoming was known surprisingly for Hip-Hop.

While this wasn't a great thing (to some), I personally thought it was awesome that the Cowboy State was being discussed on national scale for more than cowboys, country music and bad weather.

It seems like today, via Twitter, that Ye' may have alluded to the fact that he's back in Jackson... or maybe he was just being his normal arrogant self. It's probably the latter, but considering how much time he's already spent here this year and the fact the Kardashian/Jenner family owns land here, it wouldn't be that of an farfetched idea.

So of course we followed with:

Which I personally followed with:

It's no secret I've been trying to get Kanye in Casper since I first found out he was recording at Jackson Hole most of the early 2018. I know for a fact that numerous Kardashians and Jenners spend a lot of time in Wyoming, so why not get him/them here? I'm not giving up. Now matter what you think of the man, at the very least, he's entertaining.

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