Social media has become one of the most popular and easy ways to keep in touch with family and friends, but how do we feel about having our parents as friends?

It can be very tricky sharing off-colored jokes, memes, videos or even the highlights of your latest dating conquest (see also: one-night stand) if you know your parents, grandparents or even church friends can easily read the aftermath of your hedonistic activities.

Yeah, sure, you can change your privacy settings or join groups, but as technology (like smartphones) get easier to use, so does the learning curve. With some many different apps and websites, you could add them to some and not others. For instance, Instagram is a good place to share photos, but you may not want certain people on your Snapchat. Then there's Facebook, which is a pretty easy to share certain things with certain people, but Twitter put it's out there for all to see.

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