Have you ever pulled into a handicapped parking spot and thought "I'll only be a minute, It's okay." Or thought I'll just use that pregnant woman spot because it's closer. Or how about that wounded warrior spot because they'll be okay? I know, most of us wouldn't even consider these possibilities because we are able bodied folks that can walk the extra steps from a regular parking spot.

But how about a spot reserved for fuel efficient vehicles? I am not talking about electric cars but just vehicles deemed fuel efficient? Apparently there are a few of these spots in front of Casper's Best Buy location at the Eastridge Mall and this guy from Johnson County apparently felt that his/her Yukon XL somehow qualified.


With a quick check it seems that a 2014 Yukon XL gets 15 city/21hwy mpg. So does that make this person a jackwagon or would you do the same?

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