As a sufferer of hair thinning/male pattern balding, I constantly keep my ear to the street about new products to fix my problem. Going bald sucks... PERIOD!!! It may not effect your physical well being, but it does affect you mentally. It has been proven in medical studies that hair thinning and baldness affects both genders in the areas of self esteem and elevated stress levels.

On a personal note, and as a male, it is somewhat easier for me. Why? I can always shave my hair completely bald and/or throw on a trusty baseball cap. As far as society goes, it is also more acceptable for men to be bald. There have been plenty of cases where bald men have been considered sexy. For example, Vin DieselJason Statham and at one point, even Patrick Stewart from 'X-Men' & 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', as he was voted the sexiest man on TV (circa 1990's).

DJ Nyke

I, however, are none of the above and want a solution. Having tried other products before, like Rogaine, I wasn't satisfied with it's quality (or the cost). It worked, to a minute degree, but it was an arduous task to remember to apply it twice a day. Forget to use it or stop using it... and it stops working.

Enter Caboki. Having accidentally come across this product whilst viewing a YouTube video, I was compelled to do more research. Caboki, as stated in there add, "is neither paint-like nor shoe polish-like hair product invented in the 80s (of last century)." According the their official website:

Unlike ordinary products on the mass market, Caboki is a professional grade product:

  • Made of natural fibers from plants, safe even for sensitive scalp.
  • Bonds to hair more securely, does not require specially-made spray to glue fibers to your hair.
  • Free of animal ingredients, synthetic dyes, fillers and preservatives.

Since Caboki is offering a free sample, I decided to make myself the unofficial Wyoming scapegoat. Let's keep our collective fingers crossed.