Say what?!?!? Is shaking hands with fans and posing for a quick pic considered 'community service?!?!' It turns out it might if you're Lindsay Lohan looking for anything to count towards your court ordered hours!

What makes this story even more hilarious, it was time she would have spent after the show she's doing in London meeting fans that she would have been required to do anyways! What else did she sneak in? This could get interesting considering she did 80 of her community service hours within the last nine days! Nothing like waiting until the last minute, Linds! Keep in mind, she was supposed to do a total of 240 hours! Yeah, she's been sick, but she had plenty of time! She ended up with a two week reprieve, but will Ms. Lohan dig in and serve her fellow man? Time will tell!

Prosecutors are not happy. And guess what? Jail time is still on the table!