Whether you need a safe and secure ride home from one of Casper's many bars, or you and a group of friends are planning a trip to Alcova Lake, a new luxury taxi service is available in the surrounding area.

Enter Elite Taxi Service.

I had the pleasure of speaking to owner and operator, Renard Le Blanc, about his business and his move to Casper. He stated:

I originally started Elite Taxi Service back in October 2019 in Riverton, Wyoming. I moved to Natrona County and decided to continue the business because of better opportunities and help those that are need in of transportation in the Casper area.

Dontevian Wilson joined the company because he saw a great vision with the business of helping the community in transportation.

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Elite Taxi Service offers:

❗️We’re now accepting Debit/Credit Cards ❗️
Need a ride in Natrona County???
Well give us a call at 307.253.9221 & we will be happy to serve you.
Remember Elite Taxi Service offers:
-Complementary Water Bottle
-Aux Cord for your music enjoyment
-Luxury Vehicle riding in style
-24 Hour Service
Elite Taxi Service can’t wait to ride with you!!

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Casper now has several taxi cab services (Oil City Cabs, Casper Cabs, Business Class Cabs, etc.), but we also now have app-based services like Uber and Lyft.

You never have to take the risk of driving under the influence.

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