Have you ever wondered what a gorilla would shop for on a visit to Walmart? No? Well, neither have I. That said, when I was headed to Walmart (shopping for floss sugar for my cotton candy maker... yeah cotton candy maker #likeaboss) and I noticed a gorilla and his (her?) posse headed my direction, I knew I had to pull out the camera.

After identifying myself as not just some creepy guy with a camera, I inquired about the gorilla's grocery list and learned more about primate shopping habits than I ever could have hoped for. I'll spare you the suspense - here's the list:

  • Razors
  • Bananas
  • Lotion
  • A Leash

For the sake of the kiddos in the audience I'll leave the rest of my commentary up to your imagination... but I can only imagine the antics that a group of kids could get up to with those items... and a gorilla.