You'll know exactly which houses to go to for candy and haunted houses.

Don't act like you haven't thought about Halloween at least once in the last week. Although it's still more than a month away, Halloween has begun to infiltrate our everyday lives. We see decorations, costume stores, and advertisements all around us. And fall doesn't even officially begin until Saturday, September 22.

So let's start making a game plan that will make this Halloween a successful one.

What if I told you there was a map that tells you which houses to go to for candy and which houses to avoid because they're not celebrating? It's called the NextDoor app. This app is private, but free to use. It's a way for neighbors to connect with one another and become more of a community.

Now let me introduce you to their Treat Map feature.

This map gives neighbors the opportunity to place an icon on their house indicating that they are open for Halloween business. The icons include a candy for those houses handing out treats or a haunted house for those who are hosting a spooky experience for trick-or-treaters. With this, you'll know which houses to hit and which ones to avoid (which is also a plus for those not celebrating this year).

With Halloween being just six weeks away, you should get going on recruiting. I recommend signing up for NextDoor and getting your neighbors to join in. That way Halloween will be a win for everyone.

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