Below are a few random Halloween facts that could help you kill some time before the big festivities.


1. According to the travel company AAA, Halloween is by far the most DANGEROUS NIGHT of the YEAR for people walking the streets. Seriously! Be careful when you are crossing the street...AND especially when you are behind the wheel.

Another related tip, if you are traveling at a speed of 30 miles per hour, you are 2x's as likely to KILL a pedestrian than if you are driving at a speed of 25 miles per hour.

(CBS 5 - Phoenix)

2. There is a website known as that recently published a list of the biggest 15 ZIP codes around America for trick-or-treating. These are places with a massive amount of walkable homes and neighbors with loads of dough. The key? Hang with the rich people for the best stuff!

First on the list is Bellaire, Texas . . . a suburb of Houston.  Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts was the neighborhood that came in second.  (Marketwatch(Here's the full list.)


3.  And finally, another website known as RoadTrippers published a run down of the SEXIEST HAUNTED HOTELS around the America this season . . . that is, in case you want to take a last minute adventure to bump uglies while ghosts watch you?  (Roadtrippers(Here's the list.)