Congress recently passed an emergency coronavirus relief package that includes a second round of stimulus checks worth $600.00. This will also include additional unemployment insurance and aid for small businesses. But how much is that $600.00 really worth to the average Wyomingite?

Business Insider recently conducted a study to show exactly how much this stimulus check is worth, at a "to-the-dollar" level, for each state. Obviously, that amount will go further in less populated places, especially in comparison to the Cowboy State, but let's dive further into the study.

Using cost-of-living estimates from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Business Insider estimates for Wyoming, a $600.00 stimulus check would actually be worth $647.00. That's not bad when you look at our neighboring state of Colorado where the same check would only be worth around $589.00.

Click here to see a comprehensive map of how much the $600 stimulus check is worth to each state and Washington D.C.

If you're curious as to when you might be receiving these funds, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has stated that they will begin to send out checks as early as next week, according to a recent article posted by Newsweek.

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