We've come along away since the humble beginnings of our country. Blacks were once sold as slaves and now, almost 230 years later, Barrack Obama was elected as the first African-American president. But how much racial unrest is still in the country... or even closer to home, in the great Equality State of Wyoming?

Having been born in Casper, but raised mostly in the mid-west (Missouri and Michigan to be exact), I have lived all over the country and the world and had the pleasure of dating women of different cultures. Being in the military and serving in the Marine Corps, I even got a chance to live in Japan for a year. Throughout the myriad of places I've lived, depending on the area, interracial relationships weren't really a big deal. This held especially true in more racially diverse areas such as the nation's capitol, Washington DC, and other large cities like San Diego and New York City. But after moving back to the place of my birth, I noticed a lot more strange looks and hushed whispers in restaurants and other public places. Depending on who I spoke with and how they were raised, I heard different explanations like: "it's all in your head" or "well of course that happens here".

So... which is it? We've taken great strides as a nation, but often Wyoming is considered old-fashion in it's views. So what do you think?