Jeff Dunham is one of the funniest comedians in the country and he always brings a hilarious show when he comes to Casper, but last night (February 22nd, 2017), he shared a somber moment with the audience. Last Thursday, Jeff's father passed away.

Before Jeff began his monologue, a picture of his father appeared on the big screen with the words,

Dedicated to my father: Howard Dunham

July 15, 1927 - February 16, 2017

This was Jeff's first show after the funeral, which was just held the day before in Dallas, Texas. His father had been suffering from a lengthy battle with Parkinson's disease, which is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement.

Jeff went slightly off his usual intro for what he called his way of dealing with the events of the last few days by sharing some funny stories about the funeral itself, along with funny family moments with his parents over the years. Although he lost his place a few times, the fact the he decided to so openly share that portion of his life with the audience was touching in and of itself. You could tell he was struggling to hold back tears, but he still managed to deliver an awesome and heartfelt show.

He also shared that he was adopted and gave Casper a sneak peak at some of the material he's releasing on an upcoming Netflix special.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeff and the rest of the Dunham family.

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