Congrats to Justin Bieber! The singer earned his sixth trophy at the 2012 American Music Awards for Best Pop/Rock Album. So why did he feel violated?

Well, because Jenny McCarthy couldn't keep her hands off of him. After dodging her advances (are you nuts, Biebs?!), the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer began rattling off a laundry list of thank yous to the ones who made 'Believe' possible -- including one very important person he neglected to mention for his earlier win of the evening for Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist.

"Last time I was up here, I forgot to thank the man," Bieber said. Who's that? "Usher Raymond," Biebs beamed, "because he is the man. I can go into all the details about why he is the man, but I'll be here all night." For a few reasons why Ush is the man, see his medley performance from earlier. The man can sing and move! Just like his Canadian protege.

Who else was Biebs thankful for? God, his label, his family, his Beliebers. And don't get all huffy that he didn't mention his on-again, off-again love Selena Gomez -- he rarely has before, though we're sure everyone will read into it even more now.

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