Beyonce and Ellen Degeneres brought a certain former NSYNC member back to the 2013 Grammys after a far-too-long musical hiatus. "He defines excellence," Queen Bey said. "Get on your feet right now and make some noise for the great Justin Timberlake!"

Timberlake's performance was sepia-tinted and he wore a suit and bow-tie. Incorporating choreography with (what else?) ties, Timberlake brought a vintage feel to the show with live horns and a live band. In fact, the performance was presented as "JT and the Tennessee Kids."

When he yelled "Get out your seat Hov!" Jay-Z obliged, emerging from his front row seat where he'd been nursing a glass of bourbon to spit his verse. (No wonder Bey was so enthused to introduce this performance!)

After Jigga's verse, a string section played an intro and color returned to the screen as Timberlake launched into 'Pusher Love Girl.' The song is a midtempo jam with the same throwback feel as 'Suit & Tie.' Also like 'Suit & Tie,' the song incorporates a falsetto vocal, but not throughout the entirety of the track. The song is about an addictive lady: "Come and be my dealer, baby," he croons. Jessica Biel (who sat next to Beyonce in the front row) must be magical!