If there's any justice, Kerli will be the next dance-pop superstar. The 25-year-old Estonian singer, who cultivated a fanbase with a handful of dance club hits and her outrageous handmade outfits, has now released a video for her latest song, 'The Lucky Ones.'

The vid portrays the colorful singer in black and white with slow-motion close-ups of her face as she sings, mixed with clips of speeding traffic that emphasize the hyper energy of the song. There's a vague storyline involving some other characters, including a cape-wearing boy and a guy who saves a woman from being hit by a car, but mostly the video revolves around the energy of Los Angeles and Kerli's voice.

"Some of the more important messages in the video are having less judgment, as we simply don't know other people's stories, and being precious about the time we get to spend with the people we love and time in general," Kerli says in a press release.