A week or so ago I put out an article about the Abercrombie & Fitch CEO's controversial remarks about the brands target demographic.  A&F CEO Mike Jeffries' comments went viral and caused a lot of backlash.  In regards to the A&F drama, a L.A. filmmaker has decided to express his disappointment by using homeless people to help "rebrand" A&F's desired image.

Greg Karber is a filmmaker in Los Angeles and is using his skills to help off-set the marketing strategy of Abercrombie & Fitch.  The video follows Karber as he distributes A&F clothing to the homeless.  It is Karber's hope that the "cool" and "attractive" customers of A&F will be turned off by the brand because tons of homeless people are wearing the clothes that are supposed to be "exclusionary".  At the same time, Karber is doing a great public service by providing homeless people with new clothes to wear.  Of course Karber has received a bit of backlash for this project.  Some feel that it is wrong of him to "use the homeless as pawns in his game of revenge".  Despite the execution, it seems that Karber's intentions are good in nature.