Lady Gaga is the patron saint of marriage equality and the Mother Monster filmed a short, but poignant video. She's encouraging people and little monsters who live in four specific states to make sure that they check off the ballot for marriage equality, if they so believe in the concept, when they cast their votes during the presidential election on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

In this short clip, Gaga, looking glam as ever in an electric blue suit, winged eyeliner and dagger nails, reminds people who live in Maine, Minnesota, Washington and Maryland that they can actually vote for same sex marriage by clicking a button at their polling stations. So voters can take advantage of a two-fer when they go to cast their votes. Oh, how we love living in a free, democratic society.

The ability to vote for marriage equality might not be common knowledge to a lot of voters, so Gaga's digital reminder to do so is quite an effective strategy. Knowledge is power and there is nothing wrong with a famous pop star doing her part and using her sphere of influence to help advance social change before the big election day.

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BTW, how amazing is it that Gaga took time out of her chaotic schedule to film this video? She really cares about this cause.