Casper firefighter and country music crooner Patrick W Stafford has a new song and by the title alone, you can tell it's hit.

We asked Patrick about what he had been doing the last few months and were he got the inspiration for the new song. The story behind is miraculous and we are so glad he shared. Here is the story in his own words:

I actually tore my bicep at work while on a structure fire in north Casper. It needed to be fixed. I was still able to work for a few weeks after I did it, but could tell my arm was weaker. It was last year. I could still move my hand and was able to play my guitar. I had just opened up for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. It was a short set only 30 min long and I wasn’t going to miss it. This was October 18th (2018). Man it was a blast and the Casper Event Center treated us amazingly. Basically on top of the world. A few days later I went into surgery. While in surgery it turns out I died. I was told it was less than a minute. They began CPR on me and were able to bring me back. Fortunately for me I had a stellar surgeon who did great compressions. Of course I was out and don’t remember anything. This was at the surgical center. They took me by ambulance to Wyoming medical center. Where I woke up a few hours later in The Intensive Care Unit. They were unable to finish the surgery and I had to get it completed a few days later. So basically right back into surgery. I had a absolutely fantastic anesthesiologist on the second surgery. He did a fantastic job. It took a few months of physical therapy to get back to work. So I had a little time to write a few songs. As you can imagine. So I wanted to write a fun song. One with momma, trains, beer, trucks, dogs, heartache, rain... You get the point. A fun cliche country song. Just wanted to let people know “ man I’m doing alright and I’m doing ok”. Just like the song says. I wanted to remind people even the littlest things in life like a good dog or a beer in the fridge are things to be happy about. It’s the little things man!!! I’m lucky. Not everyone makes it after problems in surgery. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful family. My boys and my wife took good care of me. My work pretty much kept the whole event on the down low. So only family and fire family were allowed to visit. I actually walked out of ICU the next day. Like I said I’m very blessed. Now I’m back to work full duty and we just finished recording a few new songs in Casper. Myself and my band had an incredible time.

We always love to hear success stories, as much as we love to hear good local music. Here's to continued health and blessing, Patrick, and keep giving us more awesome hits!

Beer In The Fridge is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

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