First off, yes, you read that correctly. It wasn't a typo or a misspelling, at least not on our part.

Former WWE superstar and current AEW (All Elite Wrestling) talent, Chris Jericho, was originally listed as being from Kasper, Wyoming.

Jericho, who's real name is Christopher Keith Irvine, was born in New York state, but he holds dual American-Canadian citizenship. He is quite arguable one of the greatest sports entertainers of all time. Many of the wrestling world's biggest and brightest have hailed him as the GOAT, having a storied career that has spanned over three decades.

On Sunday (October 2nd, 2022), Jericho posted to his official social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram), a throwback photo of himself from 1990 and some promotional paperwork that actually lists him hailing from the Cowboy State. Along with the photos, he added a detailed caption that read:

32 years ago today on Oct 2, 1990, I had my VERY FIRST match vs @stormwrestlingacademy in #Ponoka, Alberta at the illustrious #MooseHall. I still remember driving to the little venue that day with #BretComo & the late #MikeLozanski and being super nervous! I also remember the match, which was a Fifteen Minute Draw (Lance contends it was the second best match of the night), that we called mostly in the ring (we ran out of things to do towards the end, so we repeated the same moves over and over) and receiving my pay (in an envelope with my name spelled wrong). It was the greatest 30 bucks I ever made and it was at that moment I knew pro wrestling was gonna be my career. I was right! Four days ago I had one of the best matches of said career on #AEWDynamite against @bandidowrestler & Im proud to say I’m still going strong and having one of the best years of my 32 year journey!! But Deep down inside I’m still this 19 year old kid with a mullet and yellow & black tights (influenced by @stryper) and I sure do appreciate all of YOU who have taken this journey with me. SO MUCH MORE TO COME!! ❤️❤️ #ChrisJerico

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Jericho, also known as Y2J, is also the lead singer of the heavy metal rock band, Fozzy. Check out there latest single, which is surprisingly good, below:

Chris never followed up with the cowboy, Kasper, Wyoming gimmick, but he definitely knows there is a real Casper, Wyoming. Back in December of 2017, he tweeted a photo of some his merchandise a lucky fan had found at our local Hot Topic.

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