There's recovery and then there's recovery. Mariah Carey tried to be a consummate professional and laugh it off when she both cursed and ripped the back of her skintight Versace dress while appearing on 'Good Morning America' today (May 24).

While being interviewed by 'GMA' staffer Lara Spencer, Mimi was bemoaning having to get up early -- we know, a first world problem -- when her tight, sequined, rose gold dress got the best of her. "Oh s---… Now the back of my dress just popped," Carey said on live, national breakfast TV.

Oopsie -- on both accounts.

The curvaceous Carey quickly moved to hold up the front of her dress up to avoid a further embarrassment and the dreaded nip slip. She also employed humor, handling the awkward sitch rather well. She declared, "I love you, Donatella, but it popped, darling," referencing the designer whose dress had just epically failed her.

Mimi, clearly embarrassed and talking fast to try and call attention away from her malfunctioning gown, said, "I just wanted to change the ensemb... you know. What should we call this, the Central Park Saga? It seems like it's several moments, a YouTube moment, possibly Spotify, even!"

Oh, Meemz! The Central Park Saga, indeed.

Carey's glam squad worked diligently to try and repair the dress while Spencer helped to hold up the front. Carey was a diva in distress so everyone in the vicinity raced to her aid.

She bent over slightly so they could "get the zip," all the while holding onto her twins and shielding them from view. And no, we don't mean Dem Babies.

When she did perform her new smash '#Beautiful,' she sat on a white chair, while her co-conspirator Miguel serenaded her.

Here's Mimi's dress, pre-malfunction, hugging every curve.

Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

The gown is really form-fitting and in retrospect, it does appear to be an accident waiting to happen.

Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

The zipper finally gave way. As Mimi said, it "popped."


 Barefoot and pretty in pink with Miguel!

Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

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