She might know how to put 1 and 1 together, but when it came to emailing her students a math question, her email skills didn’t quite add up.  A math teacher’s assistant from the University of Iowa learned a tough lesson, after realizing that instead of answers to a math question that she thought she emailed to her students, they were none other than nude photos of herself!

The email she sent to all 80 students read “Hi class, I attached the solutions for the numbers 76 and 78 in this email…”   However that attachment of nude photos that she accidentally sent instead, was now a problem for her to solve!  Apparently she didn’t figure her “figure” into the equation!

We’ve all had embarrassing moments, hopefully not like that one!  My embarrassing moments are too lengthy to mention, although I still recall saying goodbye to someone, only to turn around and nearly knocking myself unconscious after smacking into a tree on a crowded sidewalk, yea it was a bit embarrassing.  My high school art teacher told us a story about how she was in the Safeway parking lot; talking to a friend she hadn’t seen in a while.  They were both standing by their cars, and when they said their goodbyes, her friend got into her car, and the art teacher got into hers, only realizing that she got into the back seat!  They laughed hysterically for a good 5 minutes before they could drive away, the art teacher finally composing herself to get into the driver’s seat.

What embarrassing moments have you, or someone you know had that still make you laugh today?