On average, how long do we live in Wyoming? That number isn't surprising. What is shocking though is that a new CDC report claims that Coloradoans will live far longer than Wyomingites. Right.

I first saw this shared by CNBC. Don't shoot them. They're just the messenger. They shared a map based on a new CDC study. The darker the blue, the longer you live. Notice how Wyoming isn't nearly as blue as Colorado. It makes me wonder if their "gardening habits" are lengthening their lives a little bit. Or, maybe it's making them forgot how long they've lived.

CNBC, Infographic
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Let's dig into these numbers as there are some fascinating details buried within it. The CDC ranks Wyoming 30th overall for life expectancy. Colorado comes in at #8. The average life expectancy of a Wyomingite is 78.1. Men in Wyoming live an average of 76.1 while the cowboy ladies fare better lasting a staggering 80.1 years.

CDC infographic

If you look closer, you'll notice that only Utah has a lower difference in life expectancy between men and women than Wyoming. This isn't science, but I theorize that we love each other more here in Wyoming. Aww.

The CNBC report indicates that the national average life expectancy is 78.7.

I'm a little surprised that we didn't appear better in this study since we have so many more outdoor opportunities to stay active. It could be that the sometimes difficult winters and elements dog us down a little bit. But, would you rather have great years in Wyoming or more mediocre years somewhere else? I'm pretty sure I know how you'd answer than question.

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