There's always something new entering into our digital age. Welcome Tile, the ultra-small answer to never losing anything again. The micro sized device, which never needs a battery and last a full year, can attach to just about anything from bikes and laptops to key rings and purses. Tile advertises itself as "the world's largest lost and found".

A key feature is the ability to track the Tile with any iOS enabled device (Apple's mobile operating system found in iPhones and iPads). The Tiles can be made to emit an audible alert as well as the ability to track lost and/or stolen items by allowing other Tile app users to automatically search for an item that you have marked as lost. Once any other Tile device/app is in range of your missing item (that still has the Tile attached to it, of course), it will alert you to it's location. Genius idea... as long as the Tile stays attached.

The device will be available as soon as winter 2013/2014 per the website and boast a modest introductory price tag of $18.95 each. They even have package deals available where you can purchase 3 Tiles and get a bonus one for free at a cost of $56.85. A good deal for some peace of mind. The only 2 downfalls I see with the product so far:

  1. No rechargeable battery: This in and of itself is not a bad thing. Each Tile has a full year life. However, the major downside is after that year, you have to purchase new Tiles.
  2. As of right now, Tiles only work with iOS devices. What does that mean? Android and Blackberry users are out of luck... at least for right now.

All in all, it's a very cool idea at a very affordable price. The device is small enough to be concealed on certain items you may want to keep safe as well. The makers seem to be in good shape with pre-sales of the devices earning $2,540,537 of a goal that was set at only $20,000. I can see these becoming great stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts.