If there is one thing Wyoming is known for, it's having extremely hard workers.

A new study conducted by personal finance website, WalletHub, proves this. Their most recent study, "2023's Hardest-Working States in America", list Wyoming as the 5th hardest working state overall. Only North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota, and Nebraska (respectively), beat us out.

Some of the key metrics that the Cowboy State scored high on were:

  • Annual Volunteer Hours per Resident - 1st (Tied with Utah)
  • Average Workweek Hours - 3rd (Tied with North Dakota)
  • Indirect Work Factors - 3rd
  • Average Leisure Time Spent per Day - 3rd (Lowest)
  • Direct Work Factors - 6th
  • Share of Workers with Multiple Jobs - 6th
  • Employment Rate - 28th
Source: WalletHub
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According to the study:

Americans are hard workers, putting in an average of 1,811 hours per year, according to the World Economic Forum. That’s 470 hours per year more than Germans work, but 594 fewer than Colombians do.

Even when given the chance to not work as hard, many Americans won’t. Americans left 55% of their paid time off unused in 2022. While leaving vacation time on the table may seem strange to some people, there are plenty of reasons why workers choose to do so. Some fear that if they take time off they will look less dedicated to the job than other employees, risking a layoff. Others worry about falling behind on their work or are concerned that the normal workflow will not be able to function without them.

It is possible to work hard without overdoing it, though. Hard work is key to success, and the people of some states understand that better than others. To determine where Americans work the hardest, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 10 key indicators. They range from average workweek hours to share of workers with multiple jobs to annual volunteer hours per resident.

Considering Wyoming's well-established view of "cowboy-ing up", it's no surprise we have some of the hardest workers in the entire country

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