It doesn't take much to make me happy (food, music, family, etc.). But for me to get "screaming like a teenage girl that was just asked out to prom" excited... well that's a completely different story. That's how excited I was after hearing Altitude TV's sports announcer, Chris Marlowe read my tweet live during the Denver Nuggets 31-point blowout over the Boston Celtics Tuesday evening.

DJ Nyke,

It was during the end of the 3rd quarter and the Nuggets were already ahead by over 20, so I was only half watching the game at this point. I was actually spending more time on Facebook and Twitter talking about previous plays and ejections, when all of sudden I heard my government name and the word tweet used in the same sentence. I instantly hit the record button on my DVR remote and rewound to make sure I heard it correctly. And sure enough, it was my tweet!

It couldn't have been timed any better either, because immediately after my tweet was read (which pertained to Denver's dunking prowess), the Manimal, Kenneth Faried threw a perfect lob pass to Timofey Mozgov who rocked the rim with the slam!!! Awwww... a perfect day.