Hip-Hop is rarely the genre of music that comes to mind first when talking about the Wyoming, but Casper has had a very diverse talent in all forms of music for a years now.

Two Casper emcees, Osh From The Ghost and Rick Bliss recently released their collaboration album, Hatin' or Lovin'. Last Friday, (February 18th, 2021), they also released their first music video off the album, for the title track.

I got a chance to talk to Osh (real name O'Shea Abeyta) about the album and the music video. He stated:

The video was shot in Casper at Jay Ramos’ Car Shop. It was filmed and edited by TMan Vision. The beat (instrumental) was produced by JuseBeats. This is our first studio album under Empire and GT Digital Distribution. We decided to do a collab album when Baby J (Keith James) started managing us under Success Management, both because we were given more opportunities and we have always worked hand in hand with each other’s careers since 2016. Inspiration behind the song is from growing in the music industry and gaining and loosing friends and acquaintances due to females, money, exposure and personal evolution.

We always love to see our local musicians and artists doing big things. Osh and Rick's album, Hatin or Lovin' is now available to stream or download on all digital platforms.

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