I was at lunch today and could not help but overhear this conversation at the booth next to me...

"My wife and kids really want to go see the new "X-Men" movie over the weekend, and I'm a guy . . . so obviously I want to see it too.

But I REFUSE . . . because it's Memorial Weekend.  I know the theaters will be packed, and I don't do well with holiday crowds.

And to be honest, I'd rather use a three-day weekend to get outside . . . or to do something that actually commemorates the REAL reason we have Memorial Day.

So my family is going to see the movie without me, and now I'm the bad guy."

(Is there anyone who simply will NOT to go to the movies because of holiday crowds?  Shouldn't you go to see a movie if your whole family is going? 

(More importantly, have we COMPLETELY missed the point of having Memorial Day in the first place?  Or is it like Christmas, and everyone gets the true meaning, but it's okay to do all the other stuff too?)