A man was taken to the hospital after his pickup went on a wild ride through the busy intersection of East Yellowstone Highway and North Jackson Street about 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Considering the time of day and the nearby construction, it was remarkable no other vehicles were involved and there were no other injuries.

It started when the Chevy pickup was traveling at a high rate of speed west on A Street, Casper Police officer Chris Funch said, citing witnesses

The pickup, with Natrona County plates, approached North Jackson Street, when it veered north just beyond a "road work ahead" traffic sign, drove over the Platte River Parkway pathway, careened down a small slope through a parking lot, continued through the intersection, jumped a curb and onto another parking lot north of Yellowstone, began sliding sideways, and crashed into a garage in an alley. It stopped -- its left rear tire shorn from its rim -- in the back yard of a house.

The vehicle also clipped a telephone pole, flipping it upside down.

The only skid marks were a small one on the pathway and the marks as the vehicle began sliding sideways.

The male driver was taken to the hospital, and his injuries are unknown, Funch said.

There was no indication if the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he said.

No other vehicles were involved and no one else was injured,  Funch said.

"The biggest concern was the fact that we believed we might have still live power lines so we took our time for everybody's safety," he said.

The crash affected power along the alley parallel north of Yellowstone, said Rocky Mountain Power employee Greg Hansen.

Crews were working on restoring power to the area, and Hansen estimated power would be restored by early Wednesday.

Check back later for more details, as they become available.