As the wife of an avid outdoorsman and hunter, I often struggle to watch certain kinds of movies with my husband.

Let me start by saying "Bambi" is outlawed in our house because it is "anti-hunting propaganda" his words not mine.

More times than I can count we've had to stop a movie so he can explain gun safety issues he sees with our children or something to do with survival in the wilderness that is wildly inaccurate.

It turns out he's not the only one that does this.

In this video with Steven Rinella (host of MeatEater) breaks down hunting and tracking scenes from famous movies and tells us all about the good and the bad and separates the fake from the real.

I was laughing more than a bit when he kept talking about how many people in the scenes would have had a high likelihood of getting shot if the guns were real and/or loaded.

And I had never noticed that in some movies they feature the characters hunting animals that don't even live on the continent where the scene takes place.

Also, did anyone else find themselves learning a whole lot about hunting and tracking as they watched?

I had never heard of purposely using wind direction to "bump" an animal with your scent. I only knew about using the direction of the wind to keep your scent AWAY from an animal.

Maybe I can file some of this knowledge away and impress the hubby next time we watch a movie with a hunting scene?

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