There are so many things you can make or ways to decorate your pumpkin... or both! There are great baking pumpkins at the store that are perfect decorating pumpkins as well. Why not get multi-use out of your orange jack-o-lantern this year.

A baking pumpkin is normally smaller, which they say is what makes it a great baking pumpkin. The taste is great. There are ways to decorate and use the pumpkin to bake.

1. Pumpkin Cookies/dessert: Just scoop out the insides for the pumpkin for the cookies and then decorate away!

2 Pumpkin Soup : Now this one you aren't decorating but using your pumpkin as the bowl for the pumpkin/squash ( or whatever style soup)

3. Pumpkin peel facial home-made: This requires similar as the cookies, scooping out fresh pumpkin to add to your home-made facial peel and voila. Then decorate your pumpkin!