You've had since August (which, in my opinion, was way too early), to enjoy your pumpkin spice everything and nice Autumn weather. It is our time now!

Of course, when I saw "our", I'm speaking of this wonderful group of people that actually enjoy the winter months more than any other time of the year. Yes, I am indeed one of these people.

Having been born in Casper, Wyoming, and then moving to Sedalia, Missouri at the age of 6 years old, and then spending my preteen years, up until adulthood, in Flint, Michigan, my body is just accustom to the cold.

A lot of people (especially fall people), calls us winter lovers "weird", and to a point, I get it, but I will give you a few simple reasons why I love winter and why it is my favorite season and should be yours too:

  1. I hate being hot -  You can always warm up, whether you have to put on more clothing or turn on/up the heat. It's not nearly as easy to cool down.
  2. I hate sweating - Reread #1
  3. Some of the best holidays take place in the winter - Christmas, New Years Eve, New years, Thanksgiving, etc.
  4. Winter clothing is more fun - Okay, this one is a personal thing, but in my humble opinion, there are just so many more mixing and matching options you can do with outfits in the winter than the rest of the year. You just can't do certain outfits during any other season.
  5. Cuddling - Whether it's with your significant other, your child/children, your pets or your best friend, it's exceedingly more satisfying to cuddle up with a loved one during cooler temperatures.
  6. Food Options - I know most foods you can eat year round, there is nothing quite like a pipping hot bowl of soup when it's freezing (or below) outside.
  7. Winter Sports - There are all kind of fun outdoor winter sports, like skiing, ice skating, snow boarding, sledding, tobogganing, etc.
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I will say again, this is purely my opinion, but I know several Wyomingites share this type of thinking.

I have seen plenty of people complaining about the snow and cooler temperatures already, and I say: "stop it"! It is our time now. Let us enjoy this most wonderful time of the year.

P.S. - Don't defrost Mariah Carey yet. It is still a little too early for that.

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