Many companies have taken very public stances on the assault weapon debate. No more so than Dick’s Sporting Goods who reportedly destroyed $5 million dollars worth of assault weapons.

I first saw this story on Vox. They were sharing comments from an interview with the Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO by CBS News. They quoted CEO Edward Stack as saying:

If we really think these things should be off the street, we need to destroy them

The CBS News story was not just based on the actions of Dick’s Sporting Goods, but many corporations who have changed policies regarding assault weapons.

The report documents that Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling assault weapons in February of 2018. I’m not a fan of taking quotes potentially out of context, so here’s a video where Ed speaks directly about that decision.

Instead of just remove the guns from the stores, Dick’s chose to actually destroy the weapons. Do you agree with this decision?

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