There have been quite a few eyebrow-raising tourist and animal encounters at  Yellowstone National Park this year already (like this one with a pair of ladies that were way too close to a bison).

This video however, shows a family of tourists doing the right thing. The video highlights a bison herd that just happened across the family's campsite in the Slough Creek Campgrounds area. In the video, you can hear a man say:

We had to evacuate our tent when we heard the ruckus coming.

From this particular angle of the video, you can clearly see around 40 to 50 bison, but according to the man narrating, there were closer to 300 in this bison rut.

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The video was most recently shared to Facebook on Tuesday, August 3rd, 20201, by NBC Montana, along with the caption that read:

BISON SURROUND CAMP IN YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK: The following was posted on July 31 on the Yellowstone Tour Guides Facebook page - "A great backpacking trip up Slough Creek the past few days. Wildlife included bison, more bison and more bison. When setting up camp on night 1 the bison herd was more than a mile away. 5 hours later, they would have our tents surrounded, as the bison rut worked it way through our campsite. We were in the tents playing cards, while a light shower passed through, when we started to hear bellowing and snorting. We quickly got out to see the herd was heading our way. Our tents were surrounded for almost 2 hours before they finally moved on. No damage was done, but there were 2 new wallows within 15 feet on either side of one tent. We watched from a safe distance from our core camp. Everyone we met on the trail asked us if we were worried about bears, and I have to say, the bears were the last thing on my mind on this trek. All and all, a beautiful trip, even in the middle of a rutting herd of bison. We are guessing the bison came to help us celebrate Yellowstone Tour Guides' 20th anniversary."

Props to this family for during the correct thing and leaving the animals to do their own thing and getting the video from a safe distance.

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